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Carnival of Odds

  The cars are going under the mirror 
  painstakingly I wrap this fish 
  to send to mother, or to breathe 
  tiny bubbles in the snow 

  I thought I saw your hand in the window 

  "You need a wild boar!" 
  loudly proclaimed one woman to another 
  walking by 

  my arms felt cold 

  each pattern became a window. 
  I thought I saw your hand 

  he arranged a dinner salad, and smiled 
  cherubs looked cute on display 
  the watch hands were ticking out time 
  precisely obscene 

  i thought i saw.... 

  There was a rumbling affair 
  about milkweed, clapper bells, hashish and rose oil picnics 

  I thought i saw.....I thought... 
  i saw your hand 
  in the window 
  amoungst the liquid sun 
  in many colours 
  I looked up, and I saw 
  your hand 

-  ANNi Paisley