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Child's cries carry on the night air
Dusting bean cans with a wet towel
Slow mind working
Trying to puzzle out a meaning
Behind convenience
See the pattern's paradigm
The nexus construed oblivious
Of its own programming language
Interpolate juxtapositions and
The artifice erodes under scrutiny
Tred milling on no road
Inside the whirling bars of the
Hamster's wheel.

- Nancy T. Kohr

Nancy T. Kohr writes for those who know what kind of world this is, about how to live.

She attended Indiana University, majoring in Fine Arts. Her bouquet of employment skills include keeping track of where the boss left his coffe mug, glazing ceramics, sign painting, research, retail management, bodyguard, graphic design, and commercial and technical writing. She is currently teaching and providing technical support at the computer center for a women's shelter, and working at an organic food cooperative.

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