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Petroglyph Talkers


words of mountain peaks 
and burial grounds 
and juniper 
are poetry in motion
and strange the notion
that petroglyph talkers 
might have foreseen
or forthtold or prophesied
the demise of their world
at the hands of those who tread on oceans

where are the ones 
who speak with fire
melting doubt 
and fear and dread
is there extinction in devotion 
stranger still the notion
that iron horse riders
might have extinguished
or displaced or subdued
the heart of the wolf and eagle and bear
that once roamed between the oceans

short bio:

Shep is a writer, father of four, public speaker. He has traveled quite a bit in the US and spent some time in Russia/Ukraine in 1993. He has lived in the pacific Northwest as well as in Missouri and Arkansas.
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