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She Wants

 by Christina M. Peterson

She wants 
the bristles of the pine tree 
to stab her in her dreams, 
awaken the fragrance of reality 
lonely as it seems. 

The silver moon leaks its light 
upon trees, 
drowning throughout 
the hour. 

She wants to hide there, 
for the winds race 
through the forests and 
tearing her apart 
they never knew their power. 

She wants 
the morning dew, 
to fall upon her 
Drain the stains 
into the pockets. 

She wants, 

     I am a 22 year old female.  I first encountered my love of
   poetry 7 years ago and have been writing ever since.  I 
   have been published in two chapbooks and I have had a few
   poems in a newsletter/magazine down in South Carolina.  
   I feel that our creator has given each of us talents that we
   desire such as writing, art, and so forth and that it is a
   blessing for us to be able to use these talents.  Life is 
   short, why not live?