when both voices are heard


unemployment growing? yes and no
improved foreign relations? yes and no
etc & on and on…

in a more perfect forum
like C-SPAN and
we hear them all :
those who stil fear
and those who speak their own experience

and the only thing to fear is fear itself
whince/where/whom did it come from?
can we pause a moment and check our own pulse?
a moment to feel ourself breath in, breathe out?

Americans spent $11 billion yesterday
at/for a sporting event.
Do they fear they won’t have money
to participate in next years super sport?
(fear example)

if you listen you will hear
both voices –
now is a good time,
on one hand to weigh the Left
on the other hand to weigh the Right,
and if we truly desire
to be a more perfect Union,
might we then
speak of compromise?

we are all right and we are all wrong
with some more right and some more wrong
and we need to stop playing the God Hand,
“It’s my way or the highway.”