All Night Long Canary Sings


one quizzical eye seeing
one tender throat still singing
one small heart knowing
her last song is the saddest

all feathers dropping
all wings broken
all hope fleeting
his last breath is the longest

and what do they say
little girl little boy
o the world’s not
running over with joy

knowing humankind
making their own Armageddon
foolish foolish not knowing
it is not they who name the day

nor the gods in heaven
nor the satans on earth
nor false prophets for profit
but the last canary’s croak

“I will save US cries the tea bag”
“I will save US cries the politician”
“I will save US cries the self”
there is a choice

when all the cows come home
when clowns dance on pins
when chickens don’t need a reason
will there be eyes to see and ears that hear?