Anna Nicole Was Their Cash Cow

see all the little cling ons grasping
for remnants of Anna’s notoriety
money is not the root of all evil
people are – In November 2001,
Israeli arms dealers illegally shipped
3,000 AK-47 assault rifles and 2.5 million
rounds of ammunition into Colombia
for the AUC through a port facility
operated by Chiquita subsidiary Banadex.
One C-SPAN caller tuned in to hear Valerie Plame,
under oath, tell the truth and just as quickly
tuned out…
“Be wary” he cautioned, “when faced with truth,
the reaction thereof, is unpredictable.”
All the pea brain people fear most
split-pea soup.
How do I stop we stop the bleeding Mother?
You’re Chiquita Banana and you’ve come to say what?
“Yes I got no bananas”
when the west gets too many bananas
they dump them in the ocean
sweat and blood being so cheap
and the caged bird sings…