Fourteen Honorable Senators

thanks and praises
there is a center where
hearts with two wings can fly
where left is not always right
and right is not always right
they’re singing in Mudville
and in Timbuktu
corporate media insisting it is
them or us
dem or rep
everything is not for sale
true statesmen, both dems and reps
proving diplomacy is possible
happy graduation day

homophobic sexuality comparisons

MONTGOMERY, Alabama — A pregnant student who was banned from graduation at her Roman Catholic high school
announced her own name and walked across the stage
anyway at the close of the program….The father of Cosby’s child, also a senior at the school, was allowed to participate in graduation.

LOS ANGELES, California — Student journalists sued their
Bakersfield high school district Thursday in an effort to keep
the school’s principal from censoring student newspaper articles on homosexuality.

nuclear option

Judge Owen bought to you by Enron and Haliburton
right out of Texas up to the top of the heap they want
activist owen them as she does live in their pockets
here go the witch hunts outgoes our form of government
what do you call it when a president (one branch of power)
orders the senate (second branch of power) to stack the deck
with judges who will give corporate power the judges they want
for their day in court
for this
they will give the radical Christians abortion and gay rights
their peepin’ Tom in we the people’s bedrooms.

God Bless Our Dumbed Down America

owen brown nuclear option radical recommendations
galloway declares “not one thin dime”
oil for food or oil for blood?
Saudi oil rigged for nuclear blow-out?
al-Qaeda riots over desecration of their holy book
but not over the torture of their bodies in prisoned
who would doubt these extremists believe in their holy book
at least as much as extremist Christians?
(in Thailand prisons they torture their own)
live longer and happier if you go to church?
is that a half truth?
those that go to church were not out all night dancing

Marla Ruzicka 1977-2005

you are the Argentina i cry for
counting collateral damage
victim of a US occupied civil war
until you became one
a golden haired earth angel
now in heaven or are you among
the uncounted innocence now observing
man’s great inhumanity to man?
i would go to the church and pray but i am told
it is still full of money changers counting gold
they had their Joan of Ark
now we have Marla of Iraq.
Please pray for us.

“they got no class”

don’t you cry my little child
they may all have American pies
we still have the sun and moon
while worms play pinochle on their snouts

run off to play my little heart
the classy may hid rocks in mud balls
we still have trees and secret gardens
while blundering pilots scare their pants off

have a very fine day my beloved bumpkin
a tie is no evidence of soul sings River
we still have salt and feel the seasons
while they eat plastic with a side of oil.

Pablo Padres Peter Pan Prescription:
Pay The Piper.

Have You Seen My Walking Wounded Warrior?

pain soul deep
the visceral is spared
the safety net
heartbroken mended
songs still singing voices ringing
bell curves of blurted truths
“Be mindful of the reaction there of,”
some muse murmured.
Human totality of brutality
is a pyramid longly building.
“Look Dick,” said Jane,
“at all the symbolism
on the front and back
of a US dollar bill.”
But there is hope Louie
2% of the world’s population
took out of their lives
time and energy to protest war
plus the numbers who could not go
but strongly supported.
Is it a conundrum
to love life so much you can not bear to live
in this world of so much brutality
some choosing the shorter path of suicide
some the longer
addicted to a lifestyle or chemical survival
just a little longer
maybe another sunrise
another heartfelt greeting

down on the hill where reality sits
there sits cans of
American Spirit and Bugler
to the left one hand rolled cigarette
ashtray and coffee next to each
today’s count two more nails
(for coffins not crosses –
those lie elsewhere)
but this is mon day and sun day is over
i’m missing one son
the one that got away before
this sorry mother learned bonding
but saving is grace
and blessed is they still come
the silent heart learns listen
remember he who hated yes or no questions
became the essence of lightening movement
to next
solly now i’s tired
to bed spot!
good night Dick
good night Jane