Bush’s Iraqi Puppet, Khalaf, Axes Photographing Bombings


“Abdel Karim Khalaf, said this weekend that Iraq’s government decided to bar news photographers and cameramen from the scene of bombings.

If it was decided “this weekend” why did this announcement wait until today (Tuesday)?

“The order was aimed at preventing journalists from inadvertently tampering with evidence needed for investigations, protecting the privacy and human rights of those wounded and keeping insurgents and militias from keeping track of their success rate, Khalaf said.”

And who protects the human rights of those killed or maimed by the bombings – and the rights of their families and friends to know what happened to them?

“He denied that the new regulation was aimed at curtailing press freedoms, saying other countries have similar restrictions.”

Whatever “other countries” Khalaf is referring to ARE curtailing press freedoms(.)

What happens to a top when spun? Before it winds down it runs out of control.