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it took a lot of killing
do we still get along
having not repeated
our history?

oh what shall we say
to these Young Americans
pot, still melting
but ain’t there yet
will they remember
the 12th of September
how the political puppets
divided we the people

we say
know the struggles of immigrants
before they melted into the pot
of being American

and conclude
find a better way.


Innocent Ignorance vs. Emotional Shovels


just another go around
this winter solstice eve

he goes la dee da
she goes bark bark!

she goes la la la la boring
he says he’ll stop but he don’t

he holds it together with humour
she holds it together by digging

she gave him the 1st day of winter off
for reason, his innocence did not argue

they were the best of friends
perhaps they’ll be again


Corporations: Peopled not People

<..) if you own stock you are part off a peopled corporation ergo enabling the guys/gals at the top to eat the lifeblood of we the people ergo controlling our political system now at 10% approval rating (you can bet her boottie it's the 9% below the 1% ((trying to move on up to the 1%)) the ultimate maximum American Dream) it has never been clearer we the people saw and heard now do you? take me down to Wall Street Bally i wanna huff and puff shiny a mirror reflecting light upon the eclipsing dark the body it speaks louder than words the mouth the eyes the hands now is a good time to speak the truth oh pants on fire around the waist and climbing... fire! fire! fire! water won't do words won't do listen to your heart then speak! speak now without anger without $ signs floating in your head (how much is enough?) with reason with understanding no one is going to get everything they wish for there is no Santa or we all are Santa wind or saint, you decide... poor baby are you freezing tonight or is everything all right did you head towards the south pole and pause in the tropics? we're having climate changing weather our melt-before-noon snow is already one week old now we are joined at the hip on the rail we can hear the whistle blow dear angels in heaven all above protect our earth angels especially right now for sure Private Manning and Wikileaks Julian Assange my money's where my mouth is is yours ?

Kitty, it’s not good news…or is it?

16 days till winter

she knows where she wants to go
but here’s not there and
such an addictive personality
she says yes then does no
now she knows she can’t get there from here
even speaking ahead of time
time comes
she remembers
and goes ahead and does it anyway

and someone joey says
up the mountain is one step at a time
down the mountain three or four
no tellin’
fer sure
the many
sometimes slip sliding along
sometimes fun
sometimes bang!
the laughing all the way
some finder seys

enjoying the day as if it were last
is hard to do
save for being a child or elder than…

it took a long time to sort then and than
yepper, one is time
one is comparative

thar you go my many michaels
this is not a poem
it is broken lines
like thoughts
play me a song
long then short
repeat and sort at will

i’m pleased to know a mike
that combines prose and poetry
he calls it “broken prose”
we call it what we will because
oh and yeah,
by the way
he is a special education teacher
and i’m on my way
to ask his permission
at least what he thinks
of these words
or not
you tell me
why you’re here
by singing me back
your song
if you will
to do so…

a Water Prayer


see me here now
under the shower
the end of day
the washing away
negative neutrons per se

cup me in your hands then
splash away on face
another cup
blow away unto face
it’s working time and hi ho
off to work we go…
off goes trouble
down the drain

the bottom line
the TV man says is
“Are we living life meaningfully?”

(now is the future)

had it a happy end
heaven only knows till it’s over
it were a peaceful place
with peaceful people
children being children
and as they play
what are you
dear father, dear mother

words not printed

<..} no why not a piece of paper a dab in printer ink? either i'm taking a break from a first and/or third reader or my printer's broke and there's indecision about replacing th thing nor either or both for no one then do i write save those who can read without seeing if yer not laughing i hope you git well soon for some i'll light a candle glance at an old or new photograph or down the hill at my home and town it's a full moon night i howl you howl we all howl after reading Howl the litany is long of our martyred... we the walking wounded keep the faith .

i will be missing you when i’m gone

not that i know when i’m leaving
or even if you’ve already gone
it’s just kinda
tonight as this day ends
i’ve been day dreaming
about one last camping trip
mostly about a campfire
somebody playing a guitar
and once again i am
closing my eyes but they won’t
stay that way they know
there are a zillion stars out tonight
i just can’t get enough seein’ ’em
and these eyes
they open
it might be morning

got coffee?

get over it


clamor of annuls
signifying dying
answering questions
with questions
do you wonder
might you ponder
why they broke away?
side by side
their stories ride
both false and true
no final resolution
a blink in time
only young gods
are amused
the old ones
sort p’s and q’s

wherefore art thou?
order or chaos?
how could him/her
do her/him that’a way?
first comes cry
then comes sigh


one gave love to
unlikely receiver who
passed it on
and one
some time spell later
felt a moment of joy
over seemingly
nothing at all.

“Ah, Charlie, I only break my own heart.”


Oh Ursula and saints galore
in universal love
how short we zenly fall
not loving when we are loving
talking, not walking,
thanks and praises
giving so much
of so few
to so many.
can one loving man/lady save a village?
is there a village where all can be saved?
it truly is hard, John
to imagine a world with no conflict
first comes shock
then comes awe
how do we overcome the fear of shock?
we can ponder fear as future shock
and deny the hell that surrounds us…

i need to pause now and pray
we have enough saints
to help us
back to where we once belonged.