My World Never Changes

But People Do
(title borrowed from Frank Anthony, poet)

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years/tears wars/shores

if i am here this is mine
fight feast fuck is over there
Dennis Ross says there was no crescendo
on the 39th day after Arafat’s death
one day before the end of 40 days mourning
40 knights and 40 thieves
Robin was a hood and Bat Man was a green
stealth bombers [email protected]
some memorial day to remember
are they all right wingers?
Cameron dear in her red dress
listen if you will
uniform code for Clavary Academy:
…shirts left in or tucking out but must hang
no further down than the hip.
a caller to C-SPAN
“That lady needs to pull up the top of her dress
but it’s ok if you, Peter Commentator, enjoy looking.”

Lawdy yes we gotta git out of here
on the wings of a long slow dove
rescue our love love love
mother’s day is every day
as is father’s
birth and death days
yes memorial day too.
Memories only lie till they are sifted
what remains is all there is to hold
i wanna hold yer hand
neighbor think you i’m witchy causing rain on your shower,
wedding that is….
or do you see my flag display being rained on too?
ouch the end of that flight of two left wings
(every bit as flightless as two rights)
Super Woman Daughter intercepts momma’s ouches
smoothes ruffled feathers of neighbor and kin
Shilo Shanandoah: Super Man was truth and justice “May her memory, and all those cut down
by the hand of those with no soul, be a blessing for us all.”

The devil only, can claim the who, that has no soul.

Fourteen Honorable Senators

thanks and praises
there is a center where
hearts with two wings can fly
where left is not always right
and right is not always right
they’re singing in Mudville
and in Timbuktu
corporate media insisting it is
them or us
dem or rep
everything is not for sale
true statesmen, both dems and reps
proving diplomacy is possible
happy graduation day

homophobic sexuality comparisons

MONTGOMERY, Alabama — A pregnant student who was banned from graduation at her Roman Catholic high school
announced her own name and walked across the stage
anyway at the close of the program….The father of Cosby’s child, also a senior at the school, was allowed to participate in graduation.

LOS ANGELES, California — Student journalists sued their
Bakersfield high school district Thursday in an effort to keep
the school’s principal from censoring student newspaper articles on homosexuality.

“they got no class”

don’t you cry my little child
they may all have American pies
we still have the sun and moon
while worms play pinochle on their snouts

run off to play my little heart
the classy may hid rocks in mud balls
we still have trees and secret gardens
while blundering pilots scare their pants off

have a very fine day my beloved bumpkin
a tie is no evidence of soul sings River
we still have salt and feel the seasons
while they eat plastic with a side of oil.

Pablo Padres Peter Pan Prescription:
Pay The Piper.

Abu Faraj al Libbi

human eyes of no return
kinda frenzied they are reporting
tighter airport security even with full evidence
of each and every attack more spectacular
or at most unique
who will not look will not see
abuse it and you lose it common sense

Abu Faraj al Libbi
who will abet your torture on the rack?
knowing he will say whatever they want
to make the torture stop
or not perhaps
like other torturers they want to break his resolve
with sexual temptations like Bill O’Reilly says is ok by him
all i am saying Bill
is how many martyrs to their cause are you willing to look into their eyes?
Ghandi showed the British how stenchful it gets…
Yes, please, call him a terrorist
and then listen
and yes
Regan did negotiate for the Iranian hostages
in history we call it part of the Iran/Contra episode,
or more simply, American foreign policy
i know Bill
you have been assigned to make a connection
between the coma man who is now talking after 9 and 1/2 years
and Terri Schiavo who by now for sure
would like a little peace..