children keep dying for Dick and George’s sins

Cheney: We want to return home with honor.
Cheney wants to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

Side kick George wants: Just one more chance.
As long as Shiite and Sunni keep killing each other
we can have permanent military bases in Iraq.
(or why there never was an “exit” strategy)

The American UN obtains sanctions
and the echo chambers call for enforcing sanctions
they want enforced and ignore sanctions they do not
like UN Resolution 242

from Robert Fisk’s “The Great War For Civilization”*
find America’s support of the Sunni in Lebanon
who repress the Shiite poor
find in Iraq America’s support of the Shiite
who take revenge on the Sunni
and find the reminder to Israel et al
“It is illegal to acquire land thru war.”
And find “It is impossible for Palestine to become a state
without going back to the pre 1967 borders,
sharing Jerusalem as it’s capital.”
Then remember the USS Liberty spy ship destroyed
by Israel at the beginning of the 1967 war.

Iraq is just another name
for turning brother against brother
with the ultimate betrayer being
the keeper of the Keys…
the US Military/Industrial/Congressional Complex.

STOP! In the name of LOVE be…fore
all I. O. U.’s becomecome overdue.