Dateline NBC gives US:

“…the dictionary definition of “wasted”
was used as in ‘our troop deaths in Iraq were wasted’.”

Dateline reads viewers the definition of “sacrificed”
Tells us the word “wasted” used by one politician
should have been more accurate by using “sacrificed”
instead of “wasted”.

When did Dateline become the whitewash
for our English language?

Sacrifice is like a Jesus who never carried a weapon
or used one…a Ghandi…et al
who believe/teach/walk the path of
nonviolent conflict resolution.

Wasted is how people get when they can’t take reality
anymore. Wasting away in Margaretaville…et al.

Whitewash is what you do with a black lie.
Naked is what you get when publicly exposed.
Sneer is what you do when you believe you are all mighty.
Peace is what you feel when you take a walk on the beach
picking up beautiful sea shells…


But if you, Dateline, want to call those deaths sacrificed,
then please inform us, your audience, what
purpose did those lost lives serve?
Were there deaths of service to we the people
or were they in service of another Empire
seeking world and outerspace domination?

Durn, didn’t you know
the Devil does not wear blue he wears black
and white shirts and pick your color tie?

And who is there here who has not heard
of the ultimate temptation?
It did not work on Jesus Christ
but did work on others
and the list grows on
and on and on and
wasted days and wasted nights
with distractions too numerous to mention
running just as hard as we can
from our reality.