Hannity vs. Geraldo

of the War Between the Roses
Hannity sees the thorns
Geraldo sees the roses

Which is greater
God’s laws or Man’s laws
and WHO’S God anyway?
when “God’s laws” create genocide
for the non-believers
whether they dress in suits and ties
or flowing robes and sandals
Mans Laws Only
are able to defrock genocide
collateral dammage or what-so-ever dubbed
it is the genocide of Roses
no matter how many hot houses contain them
no matter what shield that bears them
the Biblical God commanded man
to follow man’s laws (i.e. Caesar)
and He never said
to make God’s law the law of the land.
He left secular laws up to mankind
Armageddon was a prophecy not a prediction
all depending on whether we learn
to treat all others
as we wish to be treated
even a snake
refusing to shed it’s outer skin
will implode.