hey you

if you gave me a thought would you take a penny
for a toss over the shoulder into the river of dream
for surely it is magical when other becomes a you
been to the heavy of dancing bulls and china
did that did we ever with such flare the cows came home
then came the promises to keep, the bickering leaves
announcing their departure.

i gave you a thought often so ever…
and everything is beautiful in it’s own way
excuse me for borrower’ing another’s words
so fitting i could not deny myself this pleasured
thought…that was Michael’s thought that
nothing but love can pass thru the abyss
anything can be tossed in but
there needs be a willing receiver
for anything to get out

click open, click shut,
open, shut…then
no more

well we could ponder the abyss between dead and alive
or the abyss of a dirt spot under the fingernail
needing a tsunami to get from there to anywhere else
or the abyss between to humans with opposite dispositions
or the abyss of opposition within ourselves
yeah Freud, the Ego and the Alter Ego
the long winding river from the mountain to the sea
once upon a time i thought interesting to ponder
two grains of sand lying next to each on the tip of Africa’s shore
it took a fly over, ages later, to learn
the tip of Africa – is a giant rock.

Now my coffee cup is empty and the smoke is in my eyes
and my nose and my lungs…heys youse
i’m on pause now
(the id ran away to spoon)