Impeach Cheney First!

Bush has charisma as a cowboy
but Dick controls his brain
Where are the exploited and missing children?
Answer: in Iraq.
Dick Brain Cheney still pushing lies
but the dots don’t line up to
Hezbollah is al Qaeda
And what were the penguins doing last night?
George inadvertently protruded his tongue 124 times
while speaking but Cheney and Pelosi
could only purse their lips and lick
the inside of their mouths to keep from choking
How did AIDS, with 21.8 million living victims
(with yearly deaths of 17,000)
take center stage when MALARIA
has 300 million living victims
(with yearly deaths of 1+ million)
Oh right, Americans get AIDS,
not so much malaria.
But ain’t it grand George Cheney wants to give
tax breaks for health insurance even when
40+ millions of Americans don’t have it?
President Eisenhower took us out of Korea
President Ford (pushed by congress) took us out of Vietnam
Come on George you can do it
“Out of Iraq now!”

But yet and still,
George Bush does have a brain
State of the Union 2006 he rightly accused
US of oil addiction and need to get over it
State of the Union 2007 he rightly
acknowledged Global Warming
Will it take to 2008 for Bush’s brain
to reach the same conclusion
as Jimmy Carter did more than 3 decades ago?

Double US “oil reserve”
Who does that profit? Oil investors!
Alternative energy? STOP
calling it “renewable”
even the soil gets tired…sometimes corny

Ol Sol and his merry ol’ soul keeps a’shining
Uncle River keeps on flowin…
“It’s the End of the World,” sings REM
and adds the caveat:
“As we know it!”