In Memory of T. H. Keyes


that we may choose the brothers we keep
we shall not be we shall not be abuse
by brothers who would bleed us and diminish
his brother’s hearth and home
then claiming ownership by blood

for who can choose save their own path
or judge this one right or wrong
beyond what feels
one way or the other

when we can’t say what we feel
we’re in the wrong casa
wrong family wrong friends
we all gonna say things others don’t like
when anger turns red it is anger within
look out!

true righteousness does not shout.
look around you
who’s shouting it out?

seventy how many ways to leave your lover
yeah, singing it Willie,
“Ya gotta know when to fold,
when to walk away,
and when to hold.”

thanks and praises dear Willie
i pray someday you’ll meet
my musical Keyes.