it made me smile tonight


whisping smoke
from my daughter’s wood burning stove

miniature lemon tree and jasmine plant
taking turns aromating my room

an Adam’s Family show not previously seen
being evicted from their home

“Every dog’s a lucky dog at Aaron’s” (?)

btw, I’m Prince Edy now
i’m off to play.

no longer angry raise my voice
that was near the end
in the middle and from birth
it was branded
“keep your mouth shut”
no blame
it was in those unconscious days
though, they say,
atonement still is mine
(and yours when you ‘get’ it)

ha ha you say,
not much play.

when it’s old and gray
one does, if not before,
listening to the self
sure tis easier
in times for being alone
may i say should
you (i) find your
interior gut heat rising
before it bursts out your mouth
listen to yourself
if it feels like a chattering monkey
tell your self to slow down
or see how fast to write it down
yes i’ve gone too far

may i be excused?
she’s headed back to smiling