Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s Confession True?

why did he wait for years to the month?
arrested March 2003 : confessed March 2007
how long ago was this confession
made before releasing it?
it does not matter Bill O’Reilly
if Khalid was tortured by the CIA or military
the point is they both sanction torture
torturers get trained at the School of the Americas
(no matter how often it change names)

and here’s to you Michael Scheuer
blatantly presenting, “Khalid Sheikh Mohammed
confessed because he’s proud of what he’s done,”
my own poser:
Why did it take 4 years for him to confess?

And no, Bill and Mike, my words are not
for support of Mr. Mohammed, of whom I know nothing
save for what the news media blasts…
it is against torture, always,
and doubly always, when what is elicited, is only
“a” confession, thus denuding the excuse of using torture
only for a known imminent threat(.)