Kitty, it’s not good news…or is it?

16 days till winter

she knows where she wants to go
but here’s not there and
such an addictive personality
she says yes then does no
now she knows she can’t get there from here
even speaking ahead of time
time comes
she remembers
and goes ahead and does it anyway

and someone joey says
up the mountain is one step at a time
down the mountain three or four
no tellin’
fer sure
the many
sometimes slip sliding along
sometimes fun
sometimes bang!
the laughing all the way
some finder seys

enjoying the day as if it were last
is hard to do
save for being a child or elder than…

it took a long time to sort then and than
yepper, one is time
one is comparative

thar you go my many michaels
this is not a poem
it is broken lines
like thoughts
play me a song
long then short
repeat and sort at will

i’m pleased to know a mike
that combines prose and poetry
he calls it “broken prose”
we call it what we will because
oh and yeah,
by the way
he is a special education teacher
and i’m on my way
to ask his permission
at least what he thinks
of these words
or not
you tell me
why you’re here
by singing me back
your song
if you will
to do so…