Live Earth Corporate Death Dickens County Texas

)Live Earth Concert

Foxy News Laura Ingles goes thru concert garbage
to report non recycled items and claims
the concert’s making a notable carbon foot print
as if she cares
or as if any Fox News Rupert cares
to do anything besides dig and spatter
those who would save us from ourselves

)The Birth and Death of Corporate America

early 1800’s – Corporate law focused on protecting public interest
closely regulated by the states – investors given equal say in corporate governance
mid 1800’s – voided investors equal say (Rockefeller Standard Oil as “trust”
and Carnegie steel as “limited partnership”)
1980’s – public owned services and enterprises sold to corporations / deregulation reduced public-interest
conglomerates – shareholder control diminished and directors assumed more
2000’s accounting scandals brought down Enron and WorldCom
downsizing, contracting-out, off-shoring, reduced labor cost
Corporations assumed human rights.
now is a good time for these non-humans to experience death throes
which will occur when we the people follow Ralph Nader’s suggestion,
“Gotta hear the rumble of the people”

)Dickens County Texas’ Private Jail

where a prisoner would rather be dead
than live in slop and abuse…
now that Alaska made
every thing Not bigger in Texas
where a president can be assassinated
and send us a Bush
who can’t speak proper English
but would make it our national language
in a country where presidential hopefuls
are dialing for Corporate dollars*
we have prisons for profit
health for profit
and the most blasphemy ever
privation (ergo profit driven) of Water!

*quote from Ralph Nader