Walter Reed Turns Over and Demands the Truth

and Flossie Nightgown’s ears are smoking!
do those news moguls and political dogs
believe the masses do not understand that
if you have building 18 at Walter Reed
it implies there are at least 17 other buildings
are all the buildings as bad as #18?
how many rooms are in building #18?
how many of those rooms are look-alikes
for the one room that is screamed at us?

ask better questions the french poet proffers.

Do members of Congress or Presidents
receive medical care at Walter Reed?

Why do we not remember August 6, 2005
the day a “federal panel” voted to close down
Walter Reed Hospital?

do forgive this ol’ retired registered nurse
i’ve seen bureaucracy and peter principle first hand
but i’ve also seen nurse’s aides fighting over a dress
they both wanted for their patient that they so loved
i’m weary watching old women/men’s tongues clacking
and have felt for the poor inspectors who had to justify
their salaries by finding some lint-like “correction”
that needed to be enforced and smelled the power trip
of administrator’s memos and the nurses who never
lose their idealism in spite of personal suffering
that comes when willing to share the pain of another
and yes, some need to harden to carry on…

Maybe John Fitzgerald Kennedy did all he came to do
by leaving behind “Imagine” what the great wealth
of this nation could do for others, if only,
we changed our foreign policy.

If it takes a whole village to save one child
does it take a Whole nation to save the children
of the world?

Can these Divided States become United (whole) again?