What news media, receiving the equivalent of the “Pentagon Papers”, would publish them today?

When our Head politicians stated goal is to defend “our” way of life,
and our way of life adds up to “an addiction to oil” and
Jaime Suchlicki of Miami U sounds his trumpet:
“Rising Communist threat in Latin America”,
what is the commonality between
“Communist States” and “Rogue States”?
The answer has 3 letters – O I L.

How many journalists have been killed since 9/11?
How many have served jail time and for how long?
Our great American hero, Daniel Ellsberg, tells us
his biggest regret was the number of years he waited
and the number of additional lives lost because
he hesitated in releasing the Pentagon Papers.

What will save us from the brink of world disaster?
We the people need to become a Daniel Ellsberg,
need action (not just prayers), or as Ray McGovern cautions:
“The hottest fires of hell are saved for those who knew
and did nothing.”