Who Drained the Brains of Cheney and Bush?

“If they (Iran and Syria) really want to help stabilize Iraq,
there are things for them to do, such as cutting off weapons
flows and or the flow of suicide bombers into Iraq,”
Bush said.

he also said the opposite:

“We would rather fighting our enemies over there
(in Iraq) instead of over here.”

“Look,” says the Dick Cheney,
“a drawdown of forces in Iraq
would invite more attacks in the United State.”

“You look,” replies Jane,
“see how many more Americans have been killed
in Iraq, more, for sure, than were killed on 9/11.”

“Not to worry Jane,” Spot offered,
“when brains get drained of rationality
they loose natural abilities for mere survival and
somewhere, some near future time,
when their lock-step supporters see, even if
for the very first time, the tar and feathers
will out themselves.