Who will be the last soldier to die in Iraq?

Rep. James Moran, Democrat from Virginia on C-SPAN:

“We will give the president his few month’s “surge”
(and of course fund it) but whether it fails or not
we will be out of Iraq before the 2008 election.

“Of course we will keep our Embassy there.”

Our billion dollar largest embassy in the world.

22 months to go George
will Americans to continue to eat Iraqi oil?
will American military bases in Iraq
most especially the Air Force bases
be able to maintain this latest
empire building “surge”?
thus securing George’s only mandate
from the military/industrial/congressional complex?
(the very “how and why” Mr. Bush gained
and maintained his office)

Moran: “I don’t want history to repeat itself.”

Open your eyes Representative Moran,
elected by the Common Wealth of Virginia,
we ARE living a repeat of history only this time
a little bit LOUDER and a little bit WORSE.

All together now…UPCHUCK!