Why did we go to Iraq?

We did not go to drink their oil
(we already dood that)
We could not spread democracy
(we already knew that)
We did not have an exit plan
(we do not plan to exit)

736 US military bases in 140 countries
Come on good ol’ white boys we’re almost
there…over there…(all is never enough)
all 50 states get military dollars
either military bases or weapons manufacturing
with 100 Senators who follow orders to get the $’s
that buy the votes to to insure the contracts
that keep the people’s knees locked.
Don’t need military bases? “Oh, yes,
it is our major income, can’t be closed!”
How do you test new weapons systems?
Evoke a war.

Bush’s way to negotiate with Iran
on giving up their nuclear arms program:
“We won’t negotiate about nuclear weapons
until they give up their nuclear weapons program.”

Timothy Garton Ash:
“Marx thought capitalism would have a problem
finding consumers for the goods that improving
techniques of production enable it to churn out.
Instead, it has become expert in a new branch
of manufacturing: the manufacturing of desires.
It’s that core logic of ever-expanding desires
that is unsustainable on a global scale. But
are we prepared to abandon it?

“We may be happy to insulate our lofts,
recycle our newspapers and bicycle to work,
but are we ready to settle for less so others
can have more? Am I? Are you?”