Why Politicians Will NOT Get US Out Of Iraq

The one truth George Bush is recorded as saying, “We need to get over our oil addiction.”

All anyone who would doubt US addiction to oil need do is consider the symptoms of addiction.

We were very angry in the ’70’s about the long lines at the gas pump. We were again very angry when the price of gas went over $3. What did the politicians do this time? Sure as shooting – the price of gas was lowered along with the price of a barrel of crude oil.

When will the US get out of Iraq? When we are sure we have replaced Saddam with another dictator who will do US bidding in regard to US’s only interest there – securing oil for we the people’s addiction to it.

Rep. Jim McCrery, Lousiana, said on C-SPAN this morning, that in 30 years we can be energy independent. I would ask him where would we be today with energy independence if we had spend the last 35 years working on this addiction?

One caller into this morning’s program ended his statement about our oil addiction with “Which one of you (guests were one Republican and one Democrat) will ride herd on the Moose in our Whitehouse?” Rep. Jim McCrery was astute enough to recognize the “Moose” herd contained both Democrats and Republicans. There is the root of our problem. Our politicians are our “enablers”. Democrat or Republican, the monied people in “our” party act like dictators – a small number of people-of-power decide who will run for office; president and congress.

The highest moral value is preserving life and the pursuit of happiness. The deadliest symptom of an addiction is the willingness to feed it no matter the moral cost.