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Do You?

by - Zobier Nasery

Do you ever stop to think
about all the things
happening in one single blink?

A flower blooming,
a cell dividing,
a volcano fuming,
atoms colliding.

A mother giving birth,
a family grieving,
the raping of our earth,
no one intervening.

People at war hating,
people at home fighting,
love always fading,
hope everlasting.

Now think:

If all this occurs
on a spec of light,
then what enormousness
must occur on all specs in sight?

And if all this happens
in a single blink,
imagine what occur
in the subsequent

I am 17 years of age and just recently graduated from high school . I only recently began writing poetry for pleasure, and before that I only wrote it for my English classes. My favorite poet is Robert Frost, but enjoy any and all poetry that moves me (whether it be ametuer poets, like myself, or published poets). I have many passtimes, including sports such as basketball, football, and baseball. I also like reading and writing, and also play soccer for a competitive team.

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