For the  tumble of a lusty wench -
       He's traveled many a mile,
though she gave him but a pinch -
       with a nod and a lusty smile.

For the humble of a chaste maiden -
        He's forsaken many wenches,
Ever She was laden
        with virtues and sturdy cinches.

For the gentle of a fine lady
        He's forgotten many maidens chased,
her finger with haste he would've graced
        but for the tastes of a lady.

Ah, but for the love of a good woman!
        He'd trade wenches, maidens and ladies.
He would go to the ends of the earth -
He would ravish  Hades!
Such is the dearth,
Such is the dearth,
Such is the death,
                                of LOVE.

© Carlton Godbold 1987

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