Clear blue overhead --
ground waves of radiant heat
warp the spectre building up eastern cloud tops,
dome fronted dragon plumes race for stratosphere,
angry lightning whips – rumble in deepening
dark under it, sunlit circles get through
this side of F Mountain where panther roars,
blue eagle soars.

Quickly cool the frantic prelude scurries;
hummingbird last wild flower water sips,
then homeward zips, badger burrows woodrat's hole,
honey bees banter deserts frail guajillo blooms,
javalinas hurry through lechuguilla patch,
thumper cowers under sachuista clump.

All critters positioned for remembered doom,
the dragon cloud trails ground assault with
wide frontal  blitz zapping tall yuccas to smoke,
the hard rain flails – all – beasts too big for cover,
in wet scourge hunker.

Behind the storm night – empty sunset clouds
orange the twilight over sweet catclaw
and nitrogen musk, a raven glides to edge
of dry creek that charges back
with tumble stones in water wall
coming down river shouting booty of fast mud.
Tomorrow – the grasses grow.

© Carlton Godbold 1987

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