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The Fears Of An Unknown Planet | Poem

The Fears of an Unknown Planet

by Daisy Sidewinder

Beautiful unknown planet
Circling slowly
Do you watch with amazement
the colorful ones
running and spinning and
manipulating their satellites
absorbed with their closeness
to the sun and their
place in the order of things?

Did you hope
lovely lonely planet
that you could drift
in a neverending orbit
for eternity
invisible beyond the margins of
the known solar system?

Do you fear discovery
and being dragged with soundless screams
into the bedlam and chaos
of their self-important circles
or can you, should you,
like the outermost electron,
bond with another solar system
for an eon or so and escape
the endless discussions
and traumas and egos.

You know you fear they will
suck you in, if they see you
with their high powered telescopes
and send out space probes
and inspections and analyses and cameras
their weight  pulling you too close too fast,and
you fear they will warm you with welcomes
until show and tell is over,
and then stake their space and
put up their portable
no tresspassing signs.

Can  you should you
enter the drama or
sneak out at intermission
and watch another play
down the universe apiece,
seeing all the beginnings
but never an end.

to Daisy ~  to Moongate


background by John Fish


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