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Bright Tailed and Bushy Eyed | Poem

Bright Tailed and Bushy Eyed
(The President dresses the issuations)

My fellow Americans I am speaking to you tonight about the economical issues that face our nation. People and that includes you I am sure am concerned about what the stock market is doing and where their money has gone to. Let me sure you about one thing. The stock market is a safe place to save your money even when the markets are losing and this adminstriation are doing all we can to keep the trust you have lost in recent weeks.  Our capitalism system is fiendementally sound in all records and despite the unfortunable behavior of some CEOs and accountants our markets are fair as we can make them or want them. I urge you to consider investitures in the many fine companies that have not been caught with questionized accounting practices. This is an important and patriotical thing to do as we go forward with the war on the many terrorists who would falter our way of life. We have in recent weeks and events taken many steps to sure Fatherland Security including broad new powers of search and surveilling suspects. Airline security, punishing terrorists states that threaten the world peacefullness and other matters have made our surplus into a deficit situation that calls out to every American for righting through the day to day life of our nation and the capitalism system that had made our way of life.  We have to be bright tailed and bushy eyed every day and get on with the growth of our companies. That’s what makes America great in the past and now in the future. Please be assured the corporation wrong doers who have been doing wrong will be punished. Every day you’ll see a CEO led out in handcuffs and that’s a thank you to the tough new corporate transparency laws that will make operations of our biggest companies transparent. So in closing I say God Bless America and you and buy stocks again please. 

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