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seeking world peace and personal peace thru poetry
geometrical strip

Now and Then Acrhives

9 October 2000 Futures by David Jackson

2 October 2000 Poverty Never Asked For A Vow by Ken Peters

28 September 2000 Ode to Michael by Summer Breeze

24 September 2000 Out of Oblivion by Daniel Music

22 September 2000 It's All Gravy by Ken Peters

14 September 2000 I Want To Be An Ocean, Scene II by Ken Peters

8 September 2000 I Want To Be An Ocean by Ken Peters

4 September 2000 "Incomprehensible" by Summer Breeze

2 September 2000 The Return byPaul Malécot

25 August 2000 Heart, With Feet, Running by Paul Malécot

19 August 2000 Gogglelagoshee by David Jackson

9 August 2000 Changing Weather Patterns by Ken Peters

6 August 2000 Final Lover by T. H. Keyes

30 July 2000 And To Last by David Jackson

26 July 2000 Dangle, Dangle, It All Dissembles by Ward Kelley

22 July 2000 The Eye-Mote by Sylvia Plath

17 July 2000 Storm by Ken Peters

12 July 2000 Another Dimension Heard From by Daisy Sidewinder

7 July 2000 "By Any Other Name" by Paul Malécot

3 July 2000 fell in love with the girl by David Jackson

29 June 2000 Pagan Fishing by Walt McLaughlin

23 June 2000 Plenty Of Planets by Ken Peters

22 June 2000 Summer Breeze by David Jackson

9 June 2000 Obligatto For Poets by David Mitchell

31 May 2000 Tearscapes by David Mitchell

27 May 2000 The Big Lie by Abuela Musica

21 May 2000 To David by Daisy Sidewinder

14 May 2000

14 May 2000 Mother's Day Proclamation Julia Ward Howe

7 May 2000 Minature City Replica by Cal Morton, Jr.

4 May 2000 Ode To Kent State by Sam Hill

27 April 2000 Sugar Camp Hollow by David Jackson

25 April 2000 Daring To Dream by Abuela Musica

23 April 2000 Old Age by Elisha Porat

21 April 2000 The Magic Penny by Malvina Reynolds

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