I’m a Republican Now A Poem by Goosegrass

I’m a Republican Now

Why should I send your kids to socialist public school?
My kids have to pay for college.
Your kids should pay for grade school. Educate your own kids.

Why should I pay for your socialist police protection.
I live in a good neighborhood; we can afford our own.
The police aren’t here anyway, isn’t that why I need guns?
The police are in the black community making money.
Why should I pay for that?

Why should I pay for your socialist fire protection.
I can afford insurance for that.
If the poor neighborhoods burn, we can develop them.

Why should I pay for your socialist clean water.
I can install a filtration system.
Clean your own damn water,
hire your own damn policeman and fireman,
educate your own brats and
get off the socialist feedbag.

Every MAN for HIMself
You burn my flag and I’ll burn a cross in your yard.
I’m a Republican now.

Editor’s note:
This is satire. Goosegrass isn’t really a Republican. Please send no more KKK invitations.