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Poetry Offerings From Barry Jeffers | Poem


Poetry Offerings From Barry Jeffers

   This Way

   You come down from Ruth 
   in a little over two hours. 
   You follow the Mad 
   then go over the hill, 
   one mile as the crow flies, 
   to the van Duzen 
   all the way down to the Eel 
   then you follow that north, 

   In the cabin at Ruth 
   a blood-red saddle blanket 
   is folded lengthwise, once,
   and laid across the foot of the bed. 
   I can see it from here. 

   I came down this road 
   what other could it be
   but the right one.

For Reidun, In The Light

In the gorge at Olduvai
the ash along the green lake
holds the print
as it has for all the children's lifetimes

holds the print of the man
then following woman
along the lake
in the gorge
in the ash of the volcano
the track as he wanted her
would trade his skins tools
weapons for her
his fire

for her would have taken her
green and deep O sweet light reflecting
she is more
than scent and urge
muscle and limb she is that
and she is
in perfect light, the rising
impossible moon.


He is only a man in a field
far from home.
Above him, the clouds of August
crush the hills.

it will rain.


climbs stone stairs through the trees.
I go that way.

Nine Eleven

Short bio:

I'm a 57 year old car salesman who has also: washed dishes, been a busboy
and a bartender, treeplanter, greenchain boardpuller in a lumber mill,
flowerpicker, detail guy at a dealership, maintenace man at Harrahs in
Tahoe, track gang worker on the railroad, real estate salesman, water
treatment operator, mobile home salesman, technical stock market analyst,
pizza cook, and for 8 years an English teacher at Large Corporations in
Japan. Plus some other stuff. An average Humboldt County resume.

to Moongate

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