Dangerous Women
 We are the dangerous women…
 Who never say no to sunsets, sunrises,
 Evening strolls or double martinis.
 We are the women who speak to you
 In supermarkets over apples and cabbages.
 Making you wish you could follow us home.
 We are the women taught by mothers,
 To make you feel we could be yours
 No matter what your age, color or size.
 We are the women who seek
 Extraordinary days out of the ordinary
 Leaving aches and joy and empty spaces.
 We are the women who write poems
 And send you copies without permission
 Capturing moonbeams in your name.
 We are the gatherers of dreams,
 Fantasizing scenes
 In private places where secrets live.
 We are not easy to be with
 After sad movies, romantic novels,
 And on Sunday afternoons.
 We are so damn demanding
 You wish we had never met,
 Yet you know, we are the poetry of life.
 Yes, we are the dangerous women: vulnerable,
 Ageless, poetic, passionate, living life with two feet
 Slightly off the ground.
 We are the women you should avoid
 If you don’t believe in Peter Pan, Never Never Land
 And the first star of the evening skies.
 But pour us wine, as the sun sets low
 And we will hand you the key
 To our inner souls.  
                                       frances h. kakugawa menu