A Watery Grave

I walk through
The slush of melting snow
And feel each icy wave
Seep through every
Inch of me.
I try to remember
The world yesterday
When it quietly came
The sphere of poetry and song --
As each little snowflake
Covered each barren soil
Blanketing the world
In stillness and peace.
I cry to remember
When hearts met together
And souls walked hand in hand
Through the silent world of two.
I try to remember
But feel instead
The muddy wet
On winter's end.
I close my eyes
To the watery grave
And dream of tomorrow
When each oozing flow
Break into spears of
Crocuses and song.
But the frigid river
Is all I feel
As I lose the world
That was once a poem
And what could be
Another song.