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A Tidal of Poems from Mother Bird Books | Poem

A Tidal of poems:


A Bunch!!!
A Novel Place
A Small Bird's Next...
A Sword In A Cloud Of Light
A Surface View
A Visa Card For Emery Pass
After the Long Singing 
After the Pretzels Melt
All Knowing Wall, The
All Stones All Fall Down
An Olympian Lesson 
Another Night Alone With The Moon
Autumn Sunrise
Banishing Darkness
Beauty Within
Berlin Wall
Between Sunrise and Sunset
Black Elk
Box, The
Brief Respite
Burning Questions
Capulin Volcano
changing way
Charlotte At Summer's End
Chime Gently...Clock 
Child, Child
Coming Storm
Corporate America
Cosmic Brush
coup de grace
Dance of the Inhabitants...Palace of Peace
Day Reality Asked Dream For A Dance, The
Deep of Night, The
Desert Flowers
Dream America
Ears of the Rat 
Etude for Peace 
For Bill Monroe
For Willie
Forever Dance
Freeze - Frame
How Dare You Talk Logistics While People
          Starve In Africa
I  Am 
I Am the Bodhisattva Who Saves...
I Hear the Heart-Beat of the City
I Want To Sing A Song
Ice Maiden, The
In Back of the Real
Infinite Regress of Dawn, The
Jake Needs Red
Jungle Pizza
Knots for R. L.
Land of Dreams
Land of Monkey-King
Leather Man, The
Leprechaunly Admonition
Lucerne Valley
Momentary Flicker
MS Found in a Guinness Cap IV Twixt Sisyphus
              and Socrates
My Love Is A Sunday Morning Sunrise
My Love Is An Early Morning...
My Son Drips Popsicles About The House
New Wine
No Red
Ode To An Antidepressant
Ode To Broken Things
Ode To Immensity
Of Innocence
Old Man's Lament
On the Way From There to Here
On The Wheel
Openings, Orifices and Opportunities
Out of Oblivion
Pagan Fishing
Peaceful Healing
Placing Justice High
Practicing on the Stand
Praying, Suffering and Forgetting
Poet's Hell
Ragged Marchers
Ravens Over the Narrow  Streets
Refusal to Mourn the Deaths at Texas A&M
Reserected Metal
Rice In the Desert
Ripples Made of Grains
Road to Tunis
Rock Wisdom 
Screaming, Shrieking
Sea Gazing
Seeds of the Burning Tree
Sentimentale #2
She Assayed Mysterious Quest
Shoeless Politician, The
Sisyphus Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Slide Into the Sea You Blood Red Moon
So Much For Pretending
Spiritual Orphans
Steel Trap, The
Still - Life
Summer Breeze
Summer Songs
Summer Vision
Surfing the Background Radiation
Sweet Savours
Tell Me Why
The Guide
The Phoenix
The Return
The Unveiling
There is a Source
Thought Crimes
Thought-Crimes of a Street Philosopher
Through the Heart
Thunder in the Lake
To David
too late...
Turn the Stone
Two Rite
Voyages II
Wall of the Deep, The
Watching Storm Clouds
What Beauty Is This, I See?
What Depopulated
When Hope Is Gone, Hope Is All There Is
White Bond Blues 
Who Listens to the Earth
Wildflowers Beguile Me
Wind and Fire
Wouldn't You???
You Gave To Me A Sheath Of Yellowed Poems

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