Check and Balance In Wartime

The president has his veto power
the congress, most important in times of war,
has their power of the purse

And the power of money, Murdock has,
is to set his echoing dogs to attack
any congressional member as
“cut and runners who don’t support our troops”
(and other talking points handed down from on high)

History warns against nation wars not supported
by the majority of its citizens but Bush doesn’t know
history and Cheney does not heed it

So here we go again
congressmen parsing their words
dragging out this war for time to find an out
by claiming some measure of victory
but this time there is determination
NEVER to get out, well, and unless
the money power behind the president
secures another puppet government
perhaps another Butcher of Baghdad

The question is not, this time, who will we ask
to be the last to die in Iraq, a larger question is why
we hire security contractors for our military.

Or a better question, when did the US ever
remove it’s military bases after declaring victory?