Contraceptives Coming Out Party


thank you President of Change
from this ex-Catholic who suffered,
along with many 1950’s women,
from the church ban on contraceptives,
via married couples practising abstaining –
many the dictate of only one partner
via another edict, “Sex
is not the most important thing in marriage.”
as if…
and what was?
obeying the church, most important
yeah, and Knights of Columbus too.
(and who was Columbus?)

some of us escaped.
the name of mine was a priest
in my confession
answering my question with,
“You must have a lot of time on your hands
to do so much thinking.”
q: What did the mother of Jesus do
besides have a baby?
(i had 3 under 3 at the time)
and now
in my great-grand mother years
we, the escapees and i,
are given one more definition for
the 99%ers

thanks and praises