Corporations: Peopled not People

<..) if you own stock you are part off a peopled corporation ergo enabling the guys/gals at the top to eat the lifeblood of we the people ergo controlling our political system now at 10% approval rating (you can bet her boottie it's the 9% below the 1% ((trying to move on up to the 1%)) the ultimate maximum American Dream) it has never been clearer we the people saw and heard now do you? take me down to Wall Street Bally i wanna huff and puff shiny a mirror reflecting light upon the eclipsing dark the body it speaks louder than words the mouth the eyes the hands now is a good time to speak the truth oh pants on fire around the waist and climbing... fire! fire! fire! water won't do words won't do listen to your heart then speak! speak now without anger without $ signs floating in your head (how much is enough?) with reason with understanding no one is going to get everything they wish for there is no Santa or we all are Santa wind or saint, you decide... poor baby are you freezing tonight or is everything all right did you head towards the south pole and pause in the tropics? we're having climate changing weather our melt-before-noon snow is already one week old now we are joined at the hip on the rail we can hear the whistle blow dear angels in heaven all above protect our earth angels especially right now for sure Private Manning and Wikileaks Julian Assange my money's where my mouth is is yours ?