Have You Seen My Walking Wounded Warrior?

pain soul deep
the visceral is spared
the safety net
heartbroken mended
songs still singing voices ringing
bell curves of blurted truths
“Be mindful of the reaction there of,”
some muse murmured.
Human totality of brutality
is a pyramid longly building.
“Look Dick,” said Jane,
“at all the symbolism
on the front and back
of a US dollar bill.”
But there is hope Louie
2% of the world’s population
took out of their lives
time and energy to protest war
plus the numbers who could not go
but strongly supported.
Is it a conundrum
to love life so much you can not bear to live
in this world of so much brutality
some choosing the shorter path of suicide
some the longer
addicted to a lifestyle or chemical survival
just a little longer
maybe another sunrise
another heartfelt greeting

down on the hill where reality sits
there sits cans of
American Spirit and Bugler
to the left one hand rolled cigarette
ashtray and coffee next to each
today’s count two more nails
(for coffins not crosses –
those lie elsewhere)
but this is mon day and sun day is over
i’m missing one son
the one that got away before
this sorry mother learned bonding
but saving is grace
and blessed is they still come
the silent heart learns listen
remember he who hated yes or no questions
became the essence of lightening movement
to next
solly now i’s tired
to bed spot!
good night Dick
good night Jane