Hold the Media Accountable

Our Media Hero Helen Thomas ‘splains
“Our Media went into a coma on 9/11
then Katrina awoke it that
something is terribly wrong
preKatrina the Dems and Reps were afraid
to be called un Patriotic un American
some still are, to some degree
and she ‘splains further
“The Bush line is ‘We are there,
forget the past and move forward’.
Forward from what?
Forward from our Invasion of Iraq?”

“Iraqis won’t do what we want them to do,
they are not the Greatfull Dead”

Worldly and personally:
Why do we fight before we become friends? The fear of
“What level of violence are you willing to unleash,
should I displease you?”

“So why,” today’s Hero asks,
“Does Bush insists on remaining in a house on fire?”
This penner posers…
“The Bush is Burning George, look out, look out.
Iraq is Burning fire fire
Pour on Water, Pour on Water

the CLIMATE you say, is CHANGING?

iT’S snowing in New Mexico though
nary a spring bulb able to stretch thru the depth
StoP, SmelL,
the memory of Spring Time will help us thru
this Winter of our Spirit…