Shame Upon Barbara Bush

Remember these words of yours Barbara?
“Because of Robin, George and I love every lining human more.”
Being a fellow matron I understand, with grown children
we can only suggest…

Matron to matron I suggest to you you suggest to son George:

READ “Hiroshima” by John Hersey in 1946
(originally published in The New Yorker)

The nuclear weapons race of the “Cold War”
(cold for some but hot for others)
prevented the use of this most deadly WMD
from being used (at least ones that killed over 100,000
at one blow) until this very March day of 2006.

Now that your son George has proclaimed,
“Nothing is off the table in fighting ‘terrorists’.”
we are once again under the threat of a nuclear explosion
in our homeland and

Now is a good time for George to read the individual
accounts of the citizens of Hiroshima
that fateful day of August 6, 1945…
there you will find REAL shock and awe.

A must read for your Evangelical son
who believes “Do unto others as you
would have them do unto you.”

He thus needs to learn first hand
from those that know, experienced and remembered,
the day hell’s fire dropped on their city
before making that fatal choice
of using nuclear weapons that mutate cells
at their nuclear level – to mention only the after affects.

Buy the book, buy two books,
give one to Laura, or four,
teach your children well.

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