Economics Good for WHO George Bush?

If five years ago you bought a house for $120,000
which was the limit for a loan for your income bracket
and today the value of your home is $240,000,
from whence did the additional $120,000’s come?

Once again we’re sucked in
to another pyramid scheme that toppled
stock markets: 1929 and 1869.

The person next to purchase your house
will not be someone with the same job description as you
because the income of that person will not have doubled.

The problem with building financial pyramids is
the number of workers that die in the building of it
and the number of soldiers that die in the protection of
“our way of life”.

Oh lets remember the roaring twenties
How we danced and how we flappered
till blowback came roaring in…

Good Morning Vietnam
Shock and Awe Iraq
As the money bags keep rollin’ along
Git along little doggies
God is on our side you doGs
Peace is war against the rich
Kill all the messengers
Banish all the protesters
Call them unpatriotic
or immoral
predators will be predators
Who calls the homeless lazy?
The miser who’s job is counting money
that’s who!

Hearts regulated to February 14th
a midwinter night nightmare for the lonely
o try to remember and if you remember
the surge of Spring and green sap flowing
our native intuitive hearts will remember
when gold was only yellow medal
when oil was only good for reflecting rainbows
and Love was in the very air we breathe.