What’s old age good for? Absolutely reflection!

…Oh, Leela reflects,
“We can be one with ‘god’ when we stop telling our story.”
But Leela, But we
Love to tell a story, we love to hear a story
“It is the story of, it is the glory of Love!”

And Peter at the Pearly Gate says,
“And what did you do?”
and Leela says,
“Absolutely nothing!”

p.s. Have you heard Leela tell Her story?
I can hear her respond,
“But I tell it only in order to teach!”
Then you are a teacher?
Oh, you have to eat and so you teach?

Imus in the Morning asks,
“Why did Jesus cure only one leper?”
This morning’s Candle replies,
“Did Jesus intend to be an example
or did he intend to be a God?”
Did he, when he said “Follow me”
intend we should become
Onward Christian Soldiers
or, follow me, as in,
“Do as I do unto others.”

Oh Leela, you can’t take our stories away!
But and but together we
can become the We
we’ve longly dreamed of…