Hope and A Little Joy


deer fish i so not want to be tired
back to visits never seeming to end
there was a little joy for mother today
Giraldo Rivera
put a face on the suffering parents and children
our media keeps calling “illegals”
and offered this face of suffering especially to
Lou Dobbs
There are TWO distinctions between
no matter which of the 630 different sects
one claims membership in –
One distinct direction is
excusing themselves of compassion’s virtue
in the face of
what is currently on the books of
American Immigration Laws
While the other distinction is
compassion – even
while the senators debate
while the representatives haggle
and the president follows suit
spinning wheels, spinning words,
spinning time
till something else takes center stage
believing enough of we the people
are fickle minded and easily distracted
Few are called
but many are needed
fish full of mercury
all cards
staring out the looking glass
do you hear the pouting in Shawn Hanity’s voice?
or the authority in Lou Dobbs’?
body language DOES speak louder than words Bill O’Reilly
Why are the cameras not turned on the women
around the world who stood
stood up for peace at one p.m.
their time, where ever they live
circling the earth’s 24 hour cycle

call it the return of the roses.