Still Crazy After All Those Years

lived nearly always
in a nation and house divided upon itself
remembering as recent as yesterday
the Great Bloody American Revolution
which was the gift of laws describing
exactly a Bloodless Revolution
all it ever took takes will take
are equals in ever way
to human rights deemed undeniable
after two hundred and thirty-two years of practice
we are STILL divided
no longer between exactly north and south
1) the leisure rich and the working poor
yes we remember corrupt union leaders
as well we see corrupt corporation leaders
as we hear those contenders to “the throne”
collecting contributions by the millions
insane is Patriotic American Apple Pie
crazy is how it feels
to live in a world where Money is God!
2) the televangelists grow round and rich
after two thousand and seven years
the money changers are still in the temple
that has been infected with perpetual war
between the sexes and between nations