Water Poem by David Michael Jackson

water poem

The hot summer sun
makes cake of my skin
and the sweat lets me know
I’m alive

the water
is better then

it is needed then

and noticed

Can a poem be the water on a hot day

can the water flow down
this page
this poem

this time or the next
until there is no next

no new

of the water in a poem until it lies there in a pool on the page, on this page

First published on: Jun 25, 2012

Dew Poem

Write me a poem he says.

That’s not good grammar son.

Has some literature professor checked you out?

Are you poetry certified?


No Sir but the dew….

Oh shut up about the dew

nobody talks about the dew.

Yes sir but the sea…….

Oh shut up about the sea

Nobody cares about the sea.

But sir the peace

The peace is the dew

that can find its way to the sea.



david michael jackson April 15, 2012

Balloon Poem by David Michael Jackson

balloon poem

I’m pushed into the side of a giant balloon.
I can see into the balloon.
There is a screen and some hands,
Behind me is reality,
but the balloon moves fast.
If I turn, the balloon turns.
I can run into
the other room.
It’s there,
inside the balloon.
I can see these hands typing.
They are my hands
pushing into the balloon.
There are others.
They are pressed into the side.
I can see the impression
of their faces, speaking.
If I hold my ear to the side of the balloon,
I can hear them.
They say to get real.

God is an Artist, You See | Poem by David Michael Jackson

god is an artist
Oil on Canvas by Haleigh Morphis


God is an artist, you see


God is an artist, you see,

or rather you don’t see.

She draws people but He

cannot draw so well and

all of Her people

end up looking different and

He knows other Gods who can draw better and

their people all look alike and

She’s frustrated but He keeps trying

and She’s hoping

That He’ll get it right


Gender Neutral Game SoccerTargets

gender Neutral games

There is a new website out for a new yard or field game that is emerging. A gender neutral game where the boys have no physical advantage, one where running faster, being stronger or bigger has no merit. A game which requires finesse, skill and strategy rather than aggression would give the young girls confidence. A game where the boys can’t push them down and win. So many of our games are for “bulls in a field” and are male designed. The stronger bull wins. In our games, the ladies have to form their own league.
Some states are making laws about gender in sports. It’s refreshing to see someone trying to invent a field game that is gender neutral. It’s also a social distancing game. Opponents don’t come near each other. The SoccerTargets people have put up a site. They’ll be putting up stuff about their game.
If you are in a position to set up a field and give their game a try, they would so want you to contact them. Here is their new website about their Gender Neutral Game, SoccerTargets

Oh it’s gettin’ too hard to vote and pee in Tennessee

vote and pee in Tennessee

Oh it’s gettin’ too hard
to vote and pee in Tennessee.
I gotta have my birth certificate
and photo ID with me.
It’s good I get no water
while I wait in line to vote
’cause the restroom
it’s getting too strange to go.
So I think I’ll just wait
until I get home
’cause it’s gettin’ too hard
to vote and pee
in Tennessee.

 by David Michael Jackson

Happy Mothers Day from Motherbird.com


We’ll share a message for Mother’s Day:
Hello Dave- this is Jesse – Summer Breezes’ eldest. Reflecting on my Mothers Birthday today May 8th. I was given a few editions of Moongate my mother published many years ago by a friend. It stimulated me to “google” Moongate and I made it to your site you are maintaining. What a wonderful and delightful treat! Thank🙏 you so much! That it took me so long to get back here makes me feel guilty, but what is guilt but a silly thing as Summer might suggest. Now I’m quite excited to introduce sounds, pictures and poems of my Mother to her Grandkids both those she knew as young ones and those she never met. Again – Thank You

A Mothers Day blessing from our founder and muse, Summer Breeze: