Oh to Be in Art Galleries Poem

oh to be in art galleries
“Modern Art 1” by Carter Jackson

Oh to be in art galleries
with purple and pink marshmallows
on a table in a corner
with a sculpture that I made
out of the spare parts
of my heart
and dreams.
Oh to be in art galleries
hearing the special words
of the purple and pink marshmallow man
as he talks of didactic
responses to form
in his purple and pink marshmallow words

Oh to be timeless in a temporary
purple and pink marshmallow world.

Gallery 202 Franklin

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Write | A Poem by DMJ

Where are my words?
I must throw them at this screen.
I must shout at the wind
the weak metaphor wind.
It whistles in my ear,
Though none may read
Though my words are wrong,
poorly uttered
wrongly put
Magnetic spots will go out
ones will be zeros
paper will rot while covering rocks
and the rocks will win
For nothing,
for no one,
for you.

Dave Jackson….aka David Michael Jackson aka nobody of importance. Move on.

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Theory of Our Universe

Our universe is but the air in a balloon
in a bigger universe.
The balloon exploded 14 billion years ago in our time
and a millisecond ago in the other universe.
In part of our millisecond,
toward the end,
we had time to study our situation.
As far as we could see,
our universe was expanding
and seemed to be falling
toward some unknown force
(The earth in the larger universe).
In a hundred billion of our years,
a child in the larger universe will
begin to say,
“Mommy, my balloon…”