One Scheduled Poem

This world where
hippies and blacks
are locked up
was planned
fifty years ago
……… make votes not count.

All the children are quiet

None will say
they ate the medicine
because they like
hippies and blacks ,
locked up,
so they are quiet
as their children die
from real drug dealers who
smile as
the hippies and blacks
the hippies and blacks
are locked up
while they count the money
and smoke big cigars
at the club
and win the elections

Everybody is the same so I cannot complain

Can you hear me in there
am I really in here
along alone all all alone alone,
on a wide wide sea
so how have you come to me
alone on the sea,
the wide the wide wide sea
so how have you come to me,
to sit on my knee?
Oh I have wandered the stream.
My feet have felt the stones in the creek bed.
Everybody is the same so I cannot complain.
Everybody is the same so I cannot complain.
my soul washes from the sea
my love my love
the wind will always blow your hair.
In this moment which is never really
here or there
we are an illusion that others see
for we cannot see ourselves
and when we see, we cannot see
and it is that we cannot see
that is our crutch and our seal
stuck from the wax of our burning candle

What Party is this Church

I live in the South. It’s called the Bible Belt for a reason, it’s a very religious place. It is a birthplace of fundamental Christianity. Apocalyptic thinking is not new, Christ has been coming back since he left. It is been said that impeaching Trump would cause a Civil War because of the attachment of this president to that very apocalyptic thinking. It has been said that Trump has been “sent by God”.

When one thinks of the apocalypse, it therefore follows that there are two major figures in Revelation, the Christ and the anti-Christ. There are false prophets and various and sundry others, but these two stand out. Is Trump Jesus? Judging by what the two men are reported to have said, Trump is probably not Jesus. They seem to say opposite things these two, and Trump’s been here all along, so he could not have returned. Scratch Trump being Jesus. The other figure is the fourth horseman, the anti-Christ. Well, Putin does ride a horse, and Donald Trump doesn’t. This anti-Christ had been reported to be many people over the centuries. Could they be all wrong and it turns out to be some Russian interfering in elections? See what a web can be woven?
The separation of church and state and the First Amendment were meant to keep apocalyptic thinking out of politics. Religion is about faith and belief. We are asked to trade judgment and critical thinking for faith. When that type of thinking is placed in the political world or the scientific world it leads to chaos. Separating our two worlds, one of faith and one of logic, is a basic function of the human mind, a basic tenet of our lives. It was appropriate to separate them in our government.

Faith-based science doesn’t work. Pure logic doesn’t work with religion which requires suspension of logic. Both faith and logic have a place in our individual thinking, but we separate them. “Faith doesn’t repair the car, and logic won’t get you to heaven”.
Mixing religion and politics was not in the plan and is doing a lot of harm. When we put religion in our government, we also put politics in our church. When give unto Caesar becomes preach for Caesar, our religion is compromised. When we have to ask what faith is my government, we have to also ask what party is this church.



David Michael Jackson

Put a Poem in the Box

They are scattered,

these magnetic spots I have created,

like leaves hidden in a vast forest,

these DNA words left in boxes

to find

in the attic

where boxes of words are kept

until some child of words opens the box

and browses the words



silent and not so alone

after all.


David Michael Jackson

Lost in America Poem by Ken Peters

 Lost In America
   wanted to be in this country

   can’t pay the dues

   the ground fees are too much

   one neighbor’s a racist

   the other’s a sexist

   couple across the way

   are homophobes

   politicians are for sale

   doctors are entrepreneurs

   ministers spew hate and fear

   a used car salesmen told me a lie

   so did a president

   people talk at me

   want me to be

   just like them

   my heart is a cage

   blood rats

   spinning the wheels

   but I’m too tired

   to feel rage

   had enough
       – Ken Peters


April 14, 2012

The Nukes Poem

And I didn’t know
what to say,
the correctness of the thing,
the oneness, or the
randomness of the thing,
in the morning,
in the evening,
which is where we end up when
we try,
or when we don’t
without hope,
which is why God

or more trivial
and evil by the connection,
stupid expression of
athiesm, or
what, stupidity?
What did we expect,
that the hordes would not rise?
One wonders
either way,
like the 200 nukes in Pakistan and India

If you cover yourself with manure
then radiation cannot affect
The NUKES are sAFE mAN
everything’s fine,
and if you happen to be from another galaxy and
find this
amid the fossil remains,
we blew ourselves up.

Charlottesville Protest Death | Editorial by Matt Masters

Today was a challenge. What happened today hasn’t quite sunk in.

I saw people throw punches, beat people with sticks and batons, and I witnessed the aftermath of an attack with a car as it plowed through people, shattering bodies and ending a life.

You can believe what you want to believe but it cannot be ignored that the White Nationalists and White Supremacists in this country have endorsed and engaged in a deep seeded culture of oppression. While they will claim that it is a defense against tyranny, their actions have proven to be tyrannical and inhumane.

Seeing two groups of people engage in battle isn’t pleasing — it’s even more horrifying to see the deliberate attack on people who were not engaging in violence.

While it may be true that some of the people in the crowd may have engaged in the group violence earlier in the day, the fight was over. It was literally broken up by police after they stood by for far too long, unwilling to reduce the boil to a simmer before it over flowed.

This was equivalent to a mass shooting or detonating a bomb. It was indiscriminate and it was wrong. It was an attack on an ideology but it was first and foremost an attack on people and innocence. It was an attack on the freedom to live ones life and express oneself.

Some people will dismiss this as a lone wolf attack, but you must understand that this mentality is bred and woven into the fabric of an identity in crisis. This man will be considered a hero and a warrior by some people, but it was selfish and it was fuelled by fear, resulting in the ultimate sin.

Hate is not weak, but it is inspired by weakness. Sometimes it’s too difficult to love, but we must remember that compassion comes in moments everyday — split seconds where we can look past the differences of people we may not understand or agree with, and choose to accept them as they are, flaws and all. That doesn’t mean that we excuse hatred and oppression, but that we face these challenging times with a place for love and understanding our hearts, in hopes that it can be received and returned into the world.

c 2017 Matt Masters, Photo by Matt Masters

The News Poem

The News

The news is good and bad,
sometimes hopeful
Sometimes sad
it is like history,
a perspective,
a standard truth that sometimes is true
the news of a war from a cardboard speaker
the news of the child, a new child
from an email, magnetic spots on the screen
so we wait for news,
hoping for the best,
but it is often from afar
and we’re driving in our car
or the phone rings
and when it rings,
the news is history

Sanitized and Homogenized Crimes

My reaction to the defacing of a Mosque in my town gets me into trouble. I’m usually in trouble but trouble can be magnified in the south. Fears can be too. The crime was presented as a “Hate Crime” to wash the White Anglo Saxon Protestant Guilty from our lips, so we can speak of “lone wolf” mystery people writing “F%$k Allah” on a wall. We can say how bad that is and feel good in our caring.
We didn’t do it.
If a Muslim had done the same crime, it would be a “Muslim Defaces God’s House”. Let’s face it. If a White Angle Saxon Protestant robs a bank, he’s a “bank robber”. If a Muslim robs the same bank, he’s a “Muslim Bank Robber”. The Christian doesn’t get his religion pasted on to his crime. It’s been sanitized. It’s a “hate crime” and we are all against that.
We didn’t do it.

The Muslim is forever having to say, “We have bad stuff in our book, but most of us don’t go by archaic laws”. We Christians never have to tell our children, “Don’t do that.” because we “didn’t do that.” Our answer is, “A lone wolf did that deed and our archaic laws could never be used to justify violence. We teach love. That other religion, they teach hate.”
Be careful if you bring up the Inquisition at this point, or the Salem Trials, or any event where we loving White Anglo Protestants folks could have ever done anything wrong. Please don’t point out that we waved the Book in the air to justify slavery too loudly if you live in the south.
When we put people in groups, we put ourselves in them too. Have I lost my flag? Some group claims it, patriotism, the word patriot, and God as theirs. When we put “The Muslims” into their box, we put “The Christians” into theirs.
I was raised a Christian, checked that box when drafted. Is that something that I can be voted out of, like “patriot”? Both of these religions have archaic laws. Both can generate hate.
We shouldn’t expect “Christian defaces Mosque”, but we should be able to translate “hate crime”.

U S History Oliver Stone

U S History Oliver Stone
The following video reflects our time with the past. An honest interpretation of the history that created the situation we have today. The use of a what was really boiler explosion on the Maine, by reactionary press, to create a war in Cuba. The admission of the most decorated General that he served Standard oil and corporate interests in all conquests in the Philippines and China. The international racism of conquest in the Philippines that exhibited and help to create supremacy and the Jim Crow laws.
This makes of history, a broken record.
The revelation that wars are based totally on business interests is not new. That World War One was started with an excuse but was really about banking and railroads is illuminating. We know the war in Iraq was about oil. That railroad the Germans were building that concerned the English so much, went from Germany to, guess where, Iraq. WW1 and big oil!.
It all sounds too familiar this U S History by Oliver Stone.

Speak Ye Poets

The rose demands
the light on her neck reveals her skin
and the rose demands
Her hands are the gold
to hold her hands in your hands is wealth
the rose demands
Save me
save my people
from the tyrant
the rose commands
speak ye poets
let your voice be the wind
in a dark forest
be the single acorn
dropping to the ground
and growing there
until there is a new forest
your heart is not in your
left hand
not in your right
your heart is beside the lungs which
speak, scream, write
for peace
for sanity